Tender Touch Veterinary Care

1010 Corporate Dr
Slinger, WI 53086



Meet the Staff


Nicole, Certified Veterinary Technician 

Year Started: I started working at Tender Touch Veterinary Care in May 2012 
Pets: I have a dog (Zelda) and a cat (Zoey)
Most rewarding part of your job: I enjoy gaining the trust of dogs that may be more nervous or fearful. 

Olivia, Receptionist 

Year Started: I started at Tender Touch in October of 2020
Pets: I currently have three cats (Jimmy, Roger, & Cricket), a Brown Swiss cow (Anchor Bay), and a whole mess of chickens. 
Most rewarding part of your job: I really have enjoyed getting to know all the clients and their pets!


Chara, Veterinary Assistant 

Year Started: I started in February of 2022
Pets: I currently have a dog (Bella), a cat (Jinx), and two horses (Daya & Jes) 
Most rewarding part of your job: Working with patients during their appointments! 


Roger, Clinic Management 

Year Started: 2016
Most rewarding part of your job: Sleeping on the keyboard, getting tasty treats from staff members, and knocking paperwork onto the floor.