Tender Touch Veterinary Care

1010 Corporate Dr
Slinger, WI 53086



Street View of Tender Touch Veterinary Care.Front View of Tender Touch Veterinary Care. Our new parking area that is easy to access and has more room. New outdoor potty area that allows our canine friends to potty off-leash Front desk and waiting area where all patients are checked in for their appointments. Exam Room 1 is our larger room with a new exam table. Exam Room 2 is the smaller exam room.The Pharamacy area where we get all the drugs ready for our patients. All dental cleanings, x-rays, and any extracts are perform at Dental station. The Lab station is where fecal, urine, and blood samples are examined. All x-ray images are take with our radiographic machine. Example: Feline housing set-up for surgeries and boardingCanine kennel area.Surgical preperation areaSurgical Room left side viewRight side of surgical room and viewing window for surgical recovery.